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Maxell Lithium Battery CR2032 – Lithium Battery CR2032 UK Number 1

//Maxell Lithium Battery CR2032 – Lithium Battery CR2032 UK Number 1

Maxell Lithium Battery CR2032 – Lithium Battery CR2032 UK Number 1

£1.99 £1.49

5 x maxell Lithium Battery CR2032 GPS ,Dash Cams, Alarms ,Car Keys ,Remote universal battery



Maxell Lithium Battery CR2032

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Pack Of 5 CR2032 Battery Lithium 3V Cell Coin Button Battery


Looking for some good batteries to charge up your alarms, car keys, remotes, and others. Bringing you Maxell Lithium Battery CR2032 in damage free, unopened, brand new packing. The packaging encases 3.0V lithium cell that can work effectively on both high and low temperatures. You can rely on it for endurance and long-term performance along with infinite convenience. We bring you this product at the best price. You can place an order any weekday from Monday to Friday. One the payment is cleared, the product will be dispatched the very same day. For any more queries or more products, feel free to browse other pages of our site.

The CR2032 is lithium cell, like any lithium coin cell, is rated at 3.0V, which is why it is sometimes called 3V lithium battery.The four digits in the battery designation actually give the dimensions of the coin cell. The first two digits, 20, mean that the coin cell is 20mm in diameter.The last two digits 32 mean that the CR2032 is 3.2mm high. Lithium is the name of a metal used in the manufacture of CR2032 lithium battery.


Work effectively in low and high temperature.
Extensive long power life, provide limitless convenience.
Work for cameras, calculators, watches, toys and other electronic devices.
Lithium battery 3V.

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