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SanDisk 32GB USB 2.0 Memory Stick USB Flash Pen Drive Cruzer Blade Black

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Sandisk Cruzer Blade 32GB  USB2 Flash Drive Disk

Product Description

With its stylish, compact design and generous capacity, the Cruzer Blade USB Flash Drive makes it easy to back up, transfer, and share your files. Available in capacities 16GB , this USB drive lets you carry your photos, movies, music, and personal data wherever you go.


Compact design fits in your pocket
Drives 32GB can hold your most important data
SanDisk SecureAccess software password protects your files
Transports important personal files, music, and video
The SanDisk Cruzer Blade USB Flash Drive is backed by a 5 Years warranty.

This is a variation listing for the SanDisk Cruzer Blade, please select the storage capacity that you need.


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